“Give Change a Chance… Vote!”

Change. A simple word but hard to achieve in our country. Change is what we want for the new election. Is it really hard to do or we’re just so insensitive that’s why we are not aware of other people’s feelings and unable to respond to them appropriately?

Give change a chance. We can make it happen by taking the opportunity to become an instrument of change. We can make a change by exercising our rights and doing our responsibilities. Voting is our privilege and we must not waste the chance to speak out and to be heard.  Speak out what we want for the future, what is right and who is right. Let us change our country into a better place. Where love for one another takes place and greediness of power will not be remembered. Let’s not be selfish. Think for other people and help them if they need a hand. Our country may seem so dark now especially to those families who had lost their homes and love ones and even hopes because of the disasters we had encountered.

We have to have a leader who can help us and direct us to improvements, developments, prosperity and peace which were true. A leader with good intentions and good reputation. Who thinks not just for his own but for the betterment of our country and its people. Who has great ideas and great actions about the circumstances that our country is facing. Corruption and poverty are the huge problems of this country. Let’s not choose a leader who is greedy for power and money. For corruption causes our poverty. Poverty affects most of the aspects of our lives. Let’s not be idle. We’re alive and we must take actions. Let’s not waste our time for unchanging situation means no improvement at all.

Let us change this nation for the better. It is in our hands. It’s for you and me and for the next generation. Let’s free ourselves and be bold. So let’s make it happen. Go out and Vote. Make the right choice!


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